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Property Management Services

Our job is to help you preserve, keep and maintain the value of your real estate investment.

We offer a wide range of services intended to meet any of your lifestyle property management needs to keep you worry free.

We carefully become your one stop single cost effective contact to organize your property services, handle your requests,

assist you in the upkeeping process of your investment and much more for your peace of mind.

Rental Property Management

For Single Family Homes, Condos, Residential Multi-Units & Apartment Buildings.


Service provided to owners who handle and control their own finances. Don't have the time to manage your tenant requests for maintenance? Or supervising work done by contractors? That's where we come in. We stay on top of your investment by watching it's being well taken care of by your current tenants.


Read more for a detailed description of this useful service. Minimum monthly flat rate fee of $150.

8% management fee of monthly rental..

7% management fee for monthly rentals of $6,000.00 and above. Flat rate for rentals above $12,000.00.

Special pricing on multi-unit properties. On site management available upon request.

Vacation / Second Home Management

For private use only. Non-rental properties.


Designed for those who own a condo or single family home as a vacation destination or second home and who are in need of having their property taken care of during their absence.


An amazing service which includes monthly inspection checklists, package receiving center, forwarding your mail plus many more convenient services. You can choose from any of our plans or we can customize one for your lifestyle. Monthly rates start at $200.

Primary Residence Watch

For those long or short term vacation trips, work leaves or relocation.


Leaving for a short or long vacation and don't want to leave your home unattended? Traveling out of town for work but don't trust your alarm system company to keep a watch? Or are you being relocated to another city or country and don't want to sell your property? We can take care of it while you're away.


A peace of mind service which will allow you to view your property through pictures, keep your mailbox uncluttered, repair response and much more. Convenient plans available or customizable per your preferences. Monthly rate starts at $200.

On-Demand Management

For those one time or occasional jobs needed.


Innovative service which entails handling one time requests for those occasional jobs at your property. We can take care of anything from a one time watch, supervising repairs, hiring and quoting third parties or any other requests you have in mind. 

  • Property visits.

  • Handling tenants requests for maintenance.

  • Quoting third parties services for your approval.

  • Checking quality of work performed by third party contractors.

  • And many more.





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